Incorporation of Company

Do i need to be a British to register a company in UK?

- No requirements .

Do i have to be physically present at your office for incorporation?

- Not necessary but we will require the documents to be notarized.

Do i still need to appoint a Company Secretary if i have already register for the company on my own?

 - Yes. As per Companies Act, all Pte Ltd has to appoint for a Company Secretary within 6 months from the date of incorporation. 



Bookkeeping Services

Do i need to appoint you as my Company Secretary to engage your Bookkeeping services?

- Not necesary. 

What is the cost to engage you?

- For bookkeeping services, our charges is based on the volume of documents and estimated manpower required to complete the accounts. Do drop us a email for a free assessment and quotation at no obligations from your side! 

Are there any important due dates i need to take note of?

- Annual PNL and Balance Sheet: Within 6 months after Financial Year Ends

- Annual Personal Tax Filing: 15 April 

- Annual Corporate Tax Filing: 30 November 

- Annual ECI Filing: Within 3 months after Financial Year Ends




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